about our Team

Tanja and Klaus-Hasso Heller started the African-rainbow foundation in August of 2005. The purpose of the foundation is to foster a healthy development and help needy people in Africa, in particular children.


During extensive travels to Africa; to Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, South-Africa, Egypt and Tunisia they saw extreme poverty. Yet, they observed that in these countries laughter, joyfulness and self-confidence are the most precious qualities. They do not loose their hope under the most miserable circumstances.


The african-rainbow foundation will try to bring back dignity to the most disadvantaged. People in Africa should be given the possibility to live a life in self-determination and in self-respect. With adequate education, medical care, personal engagement and a healthy environment every person should have a chance in life.

All members of the foundation work without pay.

These people establish the foundation:
Klaus-H. Heller
Michael Breiler
Tanja Heller
Anna-Lisa Noack
Katrin Normann